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2 décembre 2013  Actualités

Philippines - Mi-HANDs

Mindanao aide les victimes du typhon aux Visayas

Opération « Mindanao aide les victimes du typhon aux Visayas »

L’équipe des volontaires est bien arrivée sur l’île de Leyte. Les équipes médicale, d’urgence et d’appui psychologique se sont mises au travail.


Theme : Mindanao Solidarity for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors (MIDUYOG KA !)

November 29 2013 - At dawn (2:28 early morning) today, the Mindanao Humanitarian Action Network against Disaster (Mi-HANDs) teams safely arrived in Ormoc City. After 32 hours of very long travel, the hearts and will of volunteers to reach their destination in order to help the needy survivors of super typhoon Yolanda had never faltered. Even with muscle pains, dropping eyes, and heavy bodies, volunteers of Mi-HANDs started the day with excitement, optimism and vitality.

Everybody is too busy with their assigned tasks - the medical team with their own logistics and medicines, the relief distribution team with their master list and claim stubs as well as the psycho-social team prepares their children toys and story/drawing books. Boboy Berlan, the head of the relief mission together with the colleagues in the over-all command made their round-up check of logistical preparation including the teams tasked for food preparation, marshals and transportation.

The warmth and friendly welcoming gestures of our kind hearted hosts who without hesitation offered us their place for free so that the teams has a nice and safe place to stay are indeed very encouraging to our tired bodies to move on and hit the ground kicking. This added to our resolve that no matter how challenging and difficult the tasks ahead of us, the joy to help prevails and a more responsible humanity learned from this destruction of Yolanda and will rise up soon against more environmental disasters in the future.

The relief mission will cater two target areas/barangays today and we will get back to you for more updates later tonight. God bless and more power Mi-HANDs Teams !!!

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